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 Water or Sewer System Replacement or Repair

Underground water pipes known as water mains can sometimes leak, break or need routine maintenance or replacement. When a pipe leaks or a break happens, water can escape.

Because the water mains are under constant pressure, the water escaping will flow until the break is discovered, that section of the pipe is closed, and then repaired.

Like water mains, our sanitary sewer pipes also sometimes break and require repair.

When working on construction activities, we do our best to notify citizens. However, in some situations we may not be able to provide the exact details or a time frame of the repair. If you were not notified of a service interruption, it may be because:

  • We are fixing a large/potentially damaging leak that required immediate work
  • We are working in the late evening/early morning and did not want to disturb you
  • Nobody was home - in these cases, we try to leave a notice at the door

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