Water Saving Tips

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Water Conservation
The average water demand for a typical home in the Yucaipa Valley uses about 40% of the water indoors and about 60% of the water outdoors.  Homeowners can significantly reduce the volume of water used indoors by following these easy tips:

  • Use low-flow faucets, shower heads, reduced-flow toilet flushing equipment, and water saving appliances such as dish and clothes washers.
  • Repair leaking faucets, toilets, and pumps.
  • Use dishwashers and clothes washers only when fully loaded.
  • Take short showers instead of baths and avoid letting faucets run unnecessarily.
  • Wash your car only when necessary; use a bucket to save water. Alternatively, go to a commercial carwash that uses water efficiently and disposes of runoff properly.

Consider how you use water indoors to best use our water resources efficiently.

 Typical Household Water Use
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