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Mediterranean Climate

Yucaipa is located in a Mediterranean climate which is classified to have dry summers and wet winters.  The dry summer climate places a great deal of stress on the local vegetation, but plant structures have evolved to adapt to it, local California friendly plants specifically.  Many places in Southern California have replaced the native landscape with palm trees, hibiscus, grass and other water loving plants.   These non-native plant species flourish in Southern California if an abundant water supply is present.  Since our water supply tends to fluctuate with the weather, integrating California friendly plants into our landscape offers a solution during times of drought.


A California Friendly Landscape is more than Cactus and Rock 

Southern California’s drought tolerant plants shouldn't be perceived as simply cactus and yucca type species. There are many colorful varieties of drought tolerant plants a homeowner can choose from.  Below are examples of California friendly plants that take little water.  Additional resources are available to assist homewoners with plant selection.  For example, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has the Garden Spot resource.   This website offers information on local native and California friendly retailers, design templates as well as information on landscape and gardening classes.  In addtion, the website features a plant search database to refine individuals plant choices.


 native flower