Board of Directors

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The Yucaipa Valley Water District is governed by five, locally elected board members ("Board of Directors").  The board members are elected from five divisions within the District for staggered four-year terms. 

The current board members, the division they represent and their initial date of service is provided below.

 Board Members


Initial Date
of Service  

Chris Mann 
Chris Mann,President



Director Bruce Granlund
Bruce Granlund, Vice President 



Director Jay Bogh
 Jay Bogh,Director



Director Lonni Granlund
Lonni Granlund, Director 




 Joyce McIntire, Director




 The following individuals have served as President of the Board of Directors since the creation of the Yucaipa Valley Water District in 1971.  

  Yucaipa Valley Water District
Presidents of the Board of Directors

 Harold Lockwood

October 1971 to November 1973  

 Hank Wochholz

 December 1973 to November 1975

 Geno Gasponi

 December 1975 to October 1977

 Eve Kraft

 November 1977 to November 1979

 Pete Squires

 December 1979 to December 1983

 Fred Childs

 January 1984 to December 1987

 George Sardeson

 January 1988 to November 1989

Hank Wochholz

November 1989 to December 1991

David Lesser

January 1992 to November 1993

Conrad Nelson

December 1993 to December 1995

Steve Copelan

December 1995 to December 1998

Conrad Nelson

January 1999 to November 2002

Bruce Granlund

December 2002 to December 2006

Tom Shalhoub

December 2006 to December 2008     

 Jay Bogh

 December 2008 to December 2012

 Bruce Granlund

 December 2012 to December 2014

Lonni Granlund

December 2014 to December 2016

 Jay Bogh

 December 2016 to January 2019

Chris Mann 

 January 2019 to Present


Other Board Member Assignments:

  • San Gorgonio Pass Regional Water Alliance - website
    • Joyce McIntire - Primary Representative
    • Bruce Granlund - Alternate Representative  
  • City of Yucaipa - Economic Development Advisory Committee - website
    • Lonni Granlund - Primary Representative
    • Bruce Granlund - Alternate Representative 
  • San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District - Advisory Commission on Water Policy - website
    • Bruce Granlund - Primary Representative
    • Lonni Granlund - Alternate Representative