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New Water Quality Information - PFAS Water Quality Results

Post Date:08/01/2019 11:21 AM

On Wednesday, July 31, Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that will require water systems to notify residents if their water sources contain potentially toxic levels of cancer-linked chemicals called PFAS.  The new law, AB 756, will also expand testing for these man-made chemicals that have been found to not break down in the environment and they have the ability to accumulate over time.  

An interactive map is available online to show the location of contamination sites throughout the country.

The Yucaipa Valley Water District has conducted an initial testing for these chemicals from our wells located near old landfills and airports.  The water quality samples specifically searched for the following PFAS related compounds: 11Cl-PF3OUdS; 9 Cl-PF3ONS; ADONA; EtFOSAA; HFPO-DA; MeFOSAA; PFBS; PFDA; PFHpA; PFHxS; PFNA; PFOA; PFOS; PFTeDA; PFTrDA; and PFUnA.  Each of the water quality samples did not detect any of these chemical compounds down to the part per trillion detection range.  One part per trillion is equal to about three seconds out of a hundred thousand years. 

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The Yucaipa Valley Water District has initiated additional testing of our drinking water sources, wastewater, and recycled water to determine the presence or absence of these chemical compounds in our area.


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